A New Matzah of Hope










The haggadot that my family used  for Passover since I was a little kid contained a pray toowards the end  of the litugy for Soviet Jewry. When in 2005 I did a revision of the Haggdah, I changed the rather dated prayer. May this Matza of Hope come true too.

A New Matzah Of Hope

Once we raised this matzah as a symbol of hope to the three and half million Jews of the Soviet Union, reminding us of the precious links which unite us with them.

To think that the Soviet Union would ever fall, that our people could leave such a place was to think the impossible.
To think that the entire planet would not be destroyed in such struggle was also to think the impossible.
But it did. Because we hoped, because we thought it possible.

Today, with so much strife between the Children of Yitzchak, and the Children of Yishmael, from the Intifada to September 11th, to Iraq, we raise this Matzah of Hope again for the seemingly impossible.

 May God bring peace to us and to all peoples, freeing us all from the slavery of fear.

od yavo hebrew
Od yavo shalom aleinu, v’al kol olam. Shalom, Saalam.
May peace come to pass over us and over all the world Peace! Peace!

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