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A gallery of Jewish Watercolors by Steve Lipton
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These Watercolors are products of many years of working in watercolor. I started Judaica related art as illustrations for the Song of Songs. Later, I started to Illustrate title pages on final exams for my masters in Jewish Studies. 
This is from the Song of Songs: "My field is my own"
This piece is the Targum Onkelos  to Genesis 2:24
 "this one, this time is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh" 
The  study for a Queen Esther Photo booth at  A Makom Shalom Purim Carnival. The title Page from My final in Jewish Practices

The title page from one of the questions in my Jewish Living final. The first time I was at a Jewish renewal camp and saw women laying tefillin was a profound experience. This is the cover page for my final in the History of biblical Israel. The "tablets" of Exodus and Moses merge into the "scroll" of Deuteronomy found in the time of Hezekiah, as a husband and wife look out over a the bamot.  
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