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Shlomo's Holiday Page

I've collected and written a lot of stuff over the years for the Holidays so here you will find All kinds of stuff about and for the jewish holidays


Shlomo's Drash Writings

Darsh Bo 5765:Monty Python and the Four Questions One of the few places you will ever find Eric Idle with the same dilemma as the Rabbis of the Mishnah

Passover 5765: The Question What does Arthur Dent have to do with Passover?

Passover 5766: The Fifth Son How I compiled my version of The Fifth Son and the history of the inclusion of the first four.

Parshat Bo 5767: Can and Can't In another of my outrageous pairings, How does a ukulele player, a seemingly eighteenth century loser, and my avoiding bubble gum sculpture tie together for Passover?

Passover 5767: Story How does the Passover Haggadah realte to all of Jewish life?

About the Holiday

The World History of Haroset Where did everyone's favorite matzah condiment come from anyway?

Shlomo's Haroset Class Handout A course I taught at Beth Emet on the World History of Haroset including Talmudic passages and recipes from around the world.

The Quest for the Hillel Sandwich Hillel thought it was wrong to eat a Hillel sandwich. Find out why and learn all about Rabbinic Judaism's way of coming to conclusions.

Haggadah Additions

The Fifth Child A synthesis of a piece By Irving Greenberg and the late Lubabvitcher Rebbe

The Four Children My contemporary Midrash on the children of the Haggadah including my own watercolor illustrations

The New Matzah of Hope A tradition at my family's Passover Seder updated for the 21st Century.

The Ten Plagues Chart A comparison chart of the Ten plagues for text study and discussion

We Shall Be Free A Song by Stephanie Davis and Garth Brooks. Some people read MLK's I Have a Dream speech towards the end of thier seders. This is a piece which meditates on what we still have to do.

Painting the Haggadah: The Five Children When Writing a Haggdah one can take the most liberties with the illustrations, I discuss how did illustrators, including myself, use the pictures as editorial space.


Shlomo's Drash Writings

Shlomo's Drash Shavuot 5767: Perception is the Key to Revelation How can we see thunder and the sound of the Shofar?

Shlomo's Drash Shavuot 5764 - Fire, Ice and Eagles  Shavuot came a few days early for me, while on a a little cruise.....

Shlomo's Drash Shavuot 5765 - When Joe met Sol What happens when the author ofL'cha Dodi meets the author of the Shulchan Aruch?

Tikkun L'eil Handouts

The Alef  Beit of the Schoolchildren:  Here is my handout for the 5766 Tikun L'eil at Beth Emet The Free Synagogue from Shabbat 104a and Genesis Rabbah II:11. Who are these kids anyway?

Rosh Hashana

Yom Kippur




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