Welcome to the University of Shabbosville!

Resting away again in Shabbosville
Taking off the last day of the week
Some people claim I'm just lazy today,
But I know Its just Torah I keep

What is Shabbosville?

Like a Jimmy Buffet song, its one particular harbor on a Tropical Island in time where you sit back, relax and enjoy the sights, tastes, sounds and smells of this world, to enjoy time with friends and family, and to enjoy a one-day vacation from everything else. Its for appreciating and witnessing  God and everything in creation with delight.  Of course for each person that might have a different view of what that vacation looks like, but the idea is the same: to stop what we do for the other six days of week, and like God did, refresh our soul-life.

The University of Shabbosville

Sadly, it is becoming harder and harder to get to Shabbosville,  to Just stop and enjoy.  The University of Shabbosville is here to help stop and rest on the Seventh Day with resources and rituals to help you on your quest to get to Shabbosville once a week. With help from our Parrot mascots Shamor and Zachor, you will find links here to many thing to make your Shabbat a joyous one.  

About our Seal:


Our two mascots Shamor (Observe) and Zachor (Remember) refer to the  two versions of the Shabbat commandment in Deuteronomy and Exodus. They are sitting in the same tree, and that tree is a tree of life to those who lay hold on her; and happy is every one who holds her fast (Prov. 3:18) , namely Torah.

Links and Resources

Our School "Fight Song" V'shamru with guitar chords

Home Shabbat - A 2-page blessings page for the home shabbat ritual.

Shlomo Stuff

Writings from Shlomo on Shabbat

Shlomo's Drash Yitro 5766 - Resting away in Shabbosville? by Shlomo

Shlomo's Shabbos Observance Worksheet

Shlomo's Juicy Shabbos by Shlomo

Shlomo's Drash Ki Tissa 5767 - One Particular Harbor by Shlomo

Guest Lecturers


Here at Shabbosville, We are dedicated to finding and sharing  as many voices  about how to get to Shabbosville  as possible. Below are the thoughts of some people  about how and why to take off the last day of the week.

Tzipora's Retreatby Tzipora Waternov

Makom Strength,Diversity And Survival By Ina Marks

Pooh's Principles of Shabbat - By Barbara Ann Lewis