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Pooh's Principles of Shabbat Observance 









First Principle:  Do Nothing Onerous.  Examples of onerous activities:

1.  Shopping for groceries or anything else, in person or on the internet.
2.  Wearing a watch and keeping track of time.
3.  Attending meetings or conferences.
4.  Driving, except in emergencies, to attend Friday night services, or to help a friend.
5.  Wearing uncomfortable clothes.
6.  Paying bills or writing checks except as gifts for bar/bat mitzvot.
7.  Vaccuming, heavy cleaning, laundry, cleaning the refrigerator.
8.  Watching network television.

2nd Principle:  Do Pleasureable Things that you don't do during the week.  Examples:

1.  Napping.
2.  Reading, except work-related material.
3.  Listening to classical music.
4.  Simple cooking (e.g., pancakes).
5.  Talking to children and grandchildren via telephone.
6.  Catching up on correspondence with friends, either writing or email.
7.  Staying home.

3rd Principle:  Do Not Do Because it is Shabbat.  Examples:

1.  Light a fire in my fireplace.
2.  Watch a movie with VCR.
3.  Work in my laboratory
4.  Stay home instead of going to Friday night services.

4th Principle:  Shabbat Rituals   Examples:

1.  Get home before sundown (preferably by 4 p.m.)
2.  Light Shabbat candles.
3.  Have festive supper with special dishware.
4.  Make Kiddush with wine.
5.  Attend Friday night and/or Saturday morning services.
6.  Make Havdalah after nightfall (postpone as long as possible!).

- Barbara Ann Lewis

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