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Makom, Strength, Diversity and Survival - Ina Marks









Ina Marks writes about Shabbat as communitty in her own religious communitty, Makom Shalom in Chicago IL .


By Ina Marks


Our place of peace is where we all want to be

    to celebrate our spirit and diversity.

Knowing there is more than one Jewish path that is True,

    we honor Halakah and Eco-Kosher too.

So some of us read labels looking for rabbinic certification.

    Others boycott those who practice discrimination.

Our spirit was strong one dark December night

    when Makomers found many ways to ignite Shabbat light.

There was no program in our Grace Place home,

    so we all made sacred space of our own.

From Shabbat eve flicker to Havdalah flame

    some ceased work to honor G-D’s name.

Others said their Shabbat place to be

    was with the many faith groups of CCHV*.

They were feeding our Studios friends who struggle each day

    for to do tikkun is also to pray.

Still other families with respect, love and grace

    were decorating their interfaith space.

They were making the world bright

    honoring both Christmas and Chanukah light.

And for all us the true strength of Makom

    comes from seeing our choice as wholly our own.

We give respect and good hugs to our Makom sisters and brothers.

    And we never impose our own path on each other.

So with G-D and each other to guide our next days

    We can all proclaim together “Makom’s here to stay!!”


*CCHV  - Central City Housing Ventures.
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