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I'd like to share some ideas that help me to shift from a human doing into a human being for Shabbat.

Here's a few strategies/reflections that have helped me to have the kind of Shabbos I want and deserve more regularly than I did prior to using them. The most effective strategy for me is to stay away from home at a Shabbaton or ask a friend or a family to host me for the entire Shabbos-it's a mitzvah for them and it allows one to distance oneself from all the pressing matters that are "in your face" at home. Plan to do this on a specific weekend each month ie. the 3rd weekend, and set the date on your calendar two weeks in advance. That allows adjustment time in the schedule of work/study and helps reduce putting  the psychological "squeeze " on . Think of it this way: you still have Friday day and Saturday night for completing tasks-its not sacrificing any whole secular calendar day.  You still have a chance to recoup the (lost or is it found?) time.  If I can only keep a part of Shabbat I choose to observe the beginning half of Shabbat.  Once we are able to soak up some of the Shabbat energy, we'll find ourselves able to rationalize stretching the time  spent ( to complete the conversation or the study of Torah etc.)in Shabbos before getting on with tasks. It's easy to forget a basic truth-HaShem is IN CHARGE(-not you or I, so put your action where your Torah faith is-In HaShem.)  I have seen the scenario with  so many of my close Jewish friends who choose to work on Shabbos 'cuz they "just have to" only to get a call from them on motzi Shabbos to say how frustrated , stymied and more behind they got trying to accomplish things (while G!d took the day off from facilitating their accomplishments.DUH!)  On top of it they go into the new week more drained than ever. It's would be almost comical how they get caught up week after week in the import of their circumstance, if they hadn't caused themselves to take such a psychological bruising. They just refuse to see the elephant in their non-Jewish lifestyle. For me the elephant is getting increasingly hard to ignore. 
Shlomo, I wish you the same.

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