We Shall be Free by Garth Brooks and Stephanie Davis










This ain't comin' from no prophet
Just an ordinary man
When I close my eyes I see
The way this world shall be
When we all walk hand in hand

When the last child cries, for a crust of bread
When the last man dies, for just words that he said
When there's shelter over, the poorest head
Then we shall be free

When the last thing we notice, is the color of skin
And the first thing we look for is the beauty within
When the skies and the oceans are clean again
Then we shall be free

When we're free to love, anyone we choose
When this world's big enough for all different views
When we all can worship, from our own kind of pew
Then we shall, be free

And when money talks, for the very last time
And nobody walks, a step behind
And there's only one race, and that's mankind
Then we shall be free
We shall be free
We shall be free
Stand straight, and walk proud
'Cause we shall be free
    -Stephanie Davis & Garth Brooks

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